Benefits of Screeding Floors

What Is Screeding

The process of screeding a floor is the laying of a mixture of sand and cement before the installation of flooring materials.

screeding image


You need to mix your concrete in a concrete mixture, add water as the mixture is spinning until you reach the consistency that is likely to damp sand. The mixture should clump at the beginning but fall apart once vigorously shaken. At your starting point of installation, pick a perpendicular perimeter and shovel the concrete a long that perimeter. It should have at least 3 inches thick and wide. Ensure the place is straight by using a level on the top of the concrete.
Use your rubber to tamp the edge until you attain the level you desired depending on the specifications o your project. From one end of the screed, place the tip of the trowel on the top of your concrete in a way that the flat bottom edge rests with the indentation from your level. Using this as a guide, push the trowel along the perimeter. The aim of this is to cut excess mud, smooth the surface and revealing a flat. Repeat the indentation process for the second and subsequent screeds

Benefits of screeding a floor

Evenness-Screeding is necessary especially when the bottom layer of the floor is not leveled. It can be very expensive to install flooring materials such as stone slabs, ceramic tiles, hardwood and vinyl on an uneven surface.

You save time, money and effort – Successful screeding reduces the time and resource that should be spent on laying the final layer. Furthermore, you do not use huge amount of expensive leveling and adhesive materials, therefore, reducing the total cost, time and effort for floor installation.

Increases the durability of the floor.

The materials installed on screed floors are likely to last longer because they are protected by the underlying layers against moisture and other degradation elements. Materials such as hardwood can easily be damaged if they are not protected by water-resistant underlying layers. Hence, screeding a floor is one of the best options to use when renovating floors throughout properties.