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JACK CORR 1919 - 2010

I would like to acknowledge the passing of John Thomas 'Jack' Corr of Castleblayney on 19th January 2010, whom I was recently in contact with. My sincerest sympathies go to his family and friends.

I have put up a page for the Corr, and associated familes here




1918 - 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the passing of Francey Lynch of Mullinahinch on 16th October 2009. I never had the pleasure of meeting Francey but he has been described so well by his family and friends I feel like I knew him. He was a font of knowledge, especially on the history and families of Roslea, and his willingness to share his knowledge has been a great help to our genealogical efforts.

Thank you Francey!

Tribute in the Irish News


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USA road trip 2013

I've created a new page that is "just for fun" and has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy so if you have a spare few minutes and you fancy a laugh, feel free!

***NEW*** Schools Page - I have now added a new page for photos and stories of old schools in and around the Roslea area. I do hope you enjoy it and are able to contribute with photos and/or old stories from your experience (or parents'/grandparents' experience).

***NEW*** Audio files taken from my holiday in Ireland in 1984. Jokes, singing and history all included. ***NEW***

I am in the process of gathering information on individual townlands and surnames. I am anticipating that the menu on the left will get pretty long so I have decided to add sub menus under "Townlands" and "Surnames". So, if you are wondering where the Quigley, McCabe, Donnellan, Rooney and McConville pages have disappeared to, click on surnames on the left you will get a dropdown menu with links to the individual pages. *NOTE: It can sometimes take a while to update the dropdown menu on every page but you will always find the menu on this page is current* If you have any ideas for a surname or townland, I am open to suggestions so contact me with any photos and/or information and I will see what I can do. As much as I would like to cover the whole world in this, I would appreciate it if we could stick to Fermanagh and Monaghan for the time being, unless of course they originated in Fermanagh or Monaghan. To take on more at this time would be too large a project. Thank you in advance for anything you can provide.


Family History promotion - I have been thinking for some time now about how I could encourage people to research their family history and have come up with a page with my thoughts on the subject as well as ideas, links, quotes and success stories from other researchers. Also on this page you will find a few downloadable family tree sheets which you can print out and use.

A big THANK YOU to Ciaran Potter who has generously transcribed and made available databases for the Tithe Applotments (1823-1837) for Clones Parish AND the Birth and Marriage Records from Clones 1866 - 1881. You will find these and many more databases on my RECORDS page.

I have made a new page with donated photos called Unknown people

Fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society - If you are able, please donate!!! To see photos from this event go here

MY RANTS - My Views on the News

Information for researchers - Lots of Information posted by Sean Rooney



By Claire

A Brief Description


Family history had never been a topic that featured very high on my list of things to research.  That was, until my father died, in 1998, when my roots seemed to become the most important thing in the world to me.  I got stuck right in, barely coming up for air as I looked on practically every ancestry website I could find. How I wished I'd taken more notice of the stories my father had told me and how I wished I could have had him come back for a few hours to ask him about everything.

After almost exhausting myself sitting up, sometimes right through the night, in my enthusiasm to create some kind of family tree that I could hand down to my children (who are just as uninterested as I was at their age), I figured I'd take some time out to concentrate on my family and keep some sanity.

That time out turned out to be a couple of years. So there I was, surrounded by all this information, photos and new family contacts and I had still done nothing with it. I also managed to lose a whole heap of pages of information on a hard disk that borked, so, before I lose any more, or lose the plot completely, I thought I'd share.  Who knows, I may hold the key to a missing link from someone else's family history or find a missing link from mine.

My immediate family surnames (on my father's side) are Beggan (Roslea, Co. Fermanagh) and McConville (Tandragee, Armagh), branching out to a wide range of surnames, including Lynch (from Fermanagh and Galway further back), Quigley, Hurson, Treanor, Donnellan, Murphy (Fermanagh and Monaghan), McMoran (Ballynagarrick, Gilford), and the list gets longer the more I research.

My family surnames on my mother's side were Taylor, Watkins and Pridham. I still have much to do on this side of my family but you can see what I have so far by clicking here

My site is intended to document my family ancestry as well as to share any information I may have, freely, which may be useful to others researching their ancestry. It is not my intention to cause offence to or intrude into anyone's privacy. If you feel that certain photos or information goes against this, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I can then take steps to rectify it. Also, if you have any information that shows inaccuracies, I would be grateful if you would share with me.
     Please come back often as I will be constantly adding new photos and information. Hope you enjoy my site.

I would like to take this opportunity, as my site grows, to thank everyone who has helped me with information and photos and those of you who have visited and sent me encouraging messages. It's this that keeps me motivated to carry on and it's great to hear that many people are using my site to reminisce about their times in Roslea. I welcome any comments, or suggestions, good or bad, or if you think I can make my site easier to use just let me know.

Thank you!



This is my father along with his brothers and sister. (Left to right.... Mark, Joseph, Sarah, Ernest and John). Also with them is their dog, Violet.


This photo was taken at the same time and was kindly sent to me by my new found cousin, Annie.


Ernest McConville
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Sarah Agnes McConville
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Mark McConville  
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John McConville  
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Joseph McConville  
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