About Us

This site is intended to document a family ancestry as well as to share any information, freely, which may be useful to others researching their ancestry. It is not the intention to cause offence to or intrude into anyone’s privacy. If you feel that certain photos or information goes against this, please feel free to contact them and let them know. They can then take steps to rectify it. Also, if you have any information that shows inaccuracies, they would be grateful if you would share with themselves.

Please come back often as they will be constantly adding new photos and information. Hope you enjoy this site.

Ancestry would like to take this opportunity, as the site grows, to thank everyone who has helped with information and photos and those of you who have visited and sent encouraging messages. It’s this that keeps them motivated to carry on and it’s great to hear that many people are using the site to reminisce about their times in Roslea. They welcome any comments, or suggestions, good or bad, or if you think they can make the site easier to use just let them know via the contact page.