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St. Tierney's (Roslea) Births


Note: I have taken every care to make sure these records are as accurate as possible. Please be aware when looking for your ancestors that names and townlands may have various variant spellings and this was very much the case with these records. While we have done our best to read them, there have certainly been times when it has not been possible to be 100% sure, so, for this reason, you will find some in red. Those in red we have put down what we think it reads, as we thought it better than to put nothing at all and in some cases we have been fairly sure but not sure enough to state.
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year family Name one Baptised day month parents townland
1864 Smyth Bernard 11 jan Patrick Smyth        Bridget Murray Altnabokera
1864 Coogan Charles 10 jan James Coogan         Helen Campbell Drummumery
1864 Quigley Peter 21 jan Peter Quigley              Mary Owens Dernasell
1864 Seldon Ellen 20 jan Henry Seldon            Mary Maguire Tircooney
1864 Boyle John 2 feb John Boyle               Mary McElroy Derryheanlish
1864 Mullarky Patrick 7 feb James Mullarky         Rose Smyth Bunlogher
1864 McClusky John 19 feb Peter McClusky         Sara McClave Eshnaglough
1864 McAloon Bridget 21 feb James McAloon     Bridget McMahon Drumguiff
1864 McElroy Francis 24 feb Patrick McElroy     Catherine Ellis Corraleek
1864 McClave Bernard 26 feb Peter McClave     Catherine Murray Derryloo
1864 Lynch Peter 26 feb

Andrew Lynch          Mary Connolly

1864 Smyth Rose 4 mar James Smyth            Rose Callaghan Rosslea
1864 McElroy Teresa 9 mar James McElroy     Catherine Quigley Eshekerin
1864 McQuaid John 12 mar John McQuaid        Bridget Gallagher Kilcreen
1864 Leonard Elizabeth 14 mar Edward Leonard    Elizabeth Riddy Shankill
1864 Beggan Ellen 19 mar James Beggan       Bridget McKenna Corraleek
1864 Murray Owen 21 mar Terence Murray         Mary Dogherty Corragunt
1864 Reilly John 22 mar Edward Reilly            Sara Quigley Greaghnamoile
1864 Magilly Joseph 19 mar John Magilly              Mary Anne Martin Rosslea
1864 Leghorn Ellen 25 mar Robert Leghorn    Elizabeth Hand Drummerdrainy
1864 Sheridan James 28 mar John Sheridan           Alice McAree Rellan
1864 Boylan Thomas 1 apr John Boylan       Catherine Beggan Gransha
1864 Maguire Elizabeth 1 apr James Maguire     Margaret Reilly Kilgormly
1864 Leonard Elizabeth 6 apr Robert Leonard         Mary Brady Lismeagh
1864 Fye James 9 apr John Fye                  Mary Sherry Dernasell
1864 Gallagher James 6 apr John Gallagher          Mary McElroy Killacawhil
1864 Rooney Patrick 12 apr Patrick Rooney         Mary Anne Martin Derryheanlish
1864 Rooney Margaret 20 apr Thomas Rooney      Bridget Maguire Corraleek
1864 Murray Michael 29 apr Thomas Murray     Elizabeth Malarky Greaghaverrin
1864 McQuade James 7 may James McQuade                Helen McClave Alisabay
1864 McQuade Margaret 7 may James McQuade             Helen McClave Alisabay
1864 Rooney Edward 10 may Owen Rooney            Helen Connolly Pottiagh
1864 Coyne Francis 7 may John Coyne       Elizabeth Little Drummumery
1864 Smyth Margaret 16 may Owen Smyth          Bridget Quigley Mullabrady
1864 Callaghan James 23 may Edward Callaghan     Jane McMahon Rosslea
1864 Fye James 24 may Patrick Fye               Alice McCarren Smythboro'
1864 Maguire Mary 21 may John Maguire        Bridget McMahon Tull?
1864 Meehan Thomas 4 jun Anne Meehan Innishammon
1864 McPhillips James 8 jun Owen McPhillips            ?    ?  Shanmulla
1864 McGinty Helen 12 jun Peter McGinty           Helen Flynn Cornagilla
1864 Casey George 12 jun Bridget Casey Drumagevlin
1864 McMahon Catherine 15 jun Arthur McMahon       Anne Smyth Maghery
1864 Rooney Jane 19 jun Francis Rooney     Catherine Gunn Derrygannon
1864 Maguire Anne 12 jun Terence Maguire    Bridget Maguire ?agi
1864 Cosgrove Margaret 22 jun Mathew Cosgrove     Anne Cassidy Tanaghaboy
1864 Cosgrove Anne 21 jun Peter Cosgrove        Rose Rooney Corbane
1864 Mulligan Mary Anne 23 jun James Mulligan         Mary Mulligan Eshnadarragh
1864 McDonald Catherine 23 jun Hugh McDonald        Alice Grant Aghnashalvy
1864 Murphy Catherine 1 jul Francis Murphy  Catherine Corr Dundrummond
1864 Cassidy James 6 jul James Cassidy          Mary Callaghan Derryvollan
1864 Flannigan Mary Anne 9 jul Michael Flannigan      Sara Magee Corrinshego
1864 ? Rose 11 jul Francis ?                    Margaret Mc? Alisabay
1864 Mullarky James 14 jul Patrick Mullarky        Ellen McGuiness Bunlogher
1864 Duggan Mary Anne 15 jul Owen Duggan    Elizabeth Smyth Darlusk
1864 Devitt Michael 9 jul Henry Devitt       Catherine Corr Annamartin
1864 Keenan Agnes 16 jul Luke Keenan            Anne Maguire Rosslea
1864 Rourke Ellen 19 jul John Rourke          Bridget Corr Derryard
1864 McMahon Mary 16 jul Philip McMahon Catherine Beggan Legacurry
1864 Magennis Catherine 22 jul Patrick Magennis           Rose McManus Ruffhill
1864 McGorman John 24 jul Philip McGorman           Margaret Gallagher Magherarny
1864 Sherry James 1 aug Mathew Sherry                Margaret Martin Gransha
1864 Kelly Patrick 4 jun James Kelly          Bridget Rourke Derryard
1864 Moran Francis 7 aug Michael Moran           Ellen Cunningham Tattymore
1864 Fye Philip 14 aug Philip Fye                Anne McCluskey Eshnaglough
1864 Quigley Helen 18 aug Patrick Quigley         Helen Beggan Doocarn
1864 Magee James 25 aug James Magee                Rosanne McCudden              Dernawilt
1864 Cosgrove Bridget 25 aug Owen Cosgrove      Catherine Smyth Drumshancorrick
1864 McEntee James 9 aug Francis McEntee         Susanna McCabe Ballintoppin
1864 Maguire Bernard 23 aug Michael Maguire     Catherine Slowey Cordoolagh
1864 McGovern Thomas 25 aug Patrick McGovern Margaret Cosgrove Drumshancorrick
1864 Sheils Thomas 22 aug Andrew Sheils       Bridget McCabe Ballintoppin
1864 Slowey Mary Anne 30 aug Francis Slowey              Margaret Smyth Rosslea
1864 McCarthy Helen 1 sept Callaghan McCarthy        Mary Tiernan Rosslea
1864 O'Hara Sara 6 sept Patrick O'Hara          Rose McConoghy Lismeagh
1864 McCormahy William 31 aug Patrick McCormahy  Bridget McCaffrey Annashanco
1864 Lynch James 15 sept Francis Lynch              Mary Carroll Drumshancorrick
1864 Murphy John 1 sept Francis Murphy             Catherine McCaffrey Corragunt
1864 Boyle Mary Catherine 17 sept Patrick Boyle         Bridget H? Mullindara
1864 Murray Bridget 18 sept Michael Murray              Catherine Slowey Rosslea
1864 Smyth Michael 11 sept Michael Smyth                Alice Neill Kincorragh
1864 Carroll Michael 23 sept James Carroll                Anne Callaghan Eshnadarragh
1864 Murray Bridget 29 sept James Murray          Mary Lynch Tanaghaboy
1864 McCaffrey Bernard 1 oct Bernard McCaffrey    Anne Slowey Derryard
1864 McDonald Terence 5 oct Patrick McDonald          Catherine Murphy Lismeagh
1864 McMahon Jane 6 oct James McMahon     Bridget Cosgrove Corbane
1864 McElroy John 7 oct Hugh McElroy                Elizabeth Maguire Gransha
1864 McElroy Mary 7 oct Hugh McElroy                Elizabeth Maguire Gransha
1864 McMahon James 7 oct John McMahon         Mary Callaghan Bruscarnagh
1864 Beggan Thomas 13 oct Thomas Beggan            Mary Murray Derrygellia
1864 Gavin Susanna 16 oct Patrick Gavin                Mary Anne McCabe Mahery
1864 Smyth James 15 oct James Smyth                 Mary Smyth Derrylea
1864 Maguire Catherine 16 oct Francis Maguire             Mary Connolly Cornagilla
1864 Creighan Terence 15 oct Francis Creighan            Anne McCourt Drumadegary
1864 McPhillips Bernard 19 oct Patrick McPhillips           Mary Dolan Milgins (probably Milligans)
1864 McCaffrey Rose 28 oct Terence McCaffrey         Rose Tierney Corrinshego
1864 Rooney Francis 7 nov John Rooney            Rose Lynch Dernawilt
1864 blank Maria 8 nov Margaret McPhillips Drumguiff
1864 Clerkin Bridget 15 nov Thomas Clerkin                    Anne Murray Grahavern
1864 Trainor Francis 12 nov Bernard Trainor Knocknagrat
1864 Smyth Patrick 17 nov Patrick Smyth                     Mary Smyth Kilcor?
1865 Cosgrove John 1 jan Patrick Cosgrove Catherine Quigley Corbane
1865 Murphy Ellen 5 jan Charles Murphy     Bridget Sweeney Garran
1865 Carbin Cecelia 5 jan Bernard Carbin       Bridget Quigley Eshrow
1865 McPhillips George 14 jan Thomas McPhillips Bridget Conlon Drumaderany
1865 blank Bridget 9 jan Isabelle Quigley Eshnadarragh
1865 McCart John 18 jan John McCart                  Catherine Hackett Drumerheeve
1865 McDonald James William 21 jan Patrick McDonald          Mary Anne McElroy Granshaw
1865 McMahon Patrick 4 feb Patrick McMahon           Bridget Lynch Greaghawarren
1865 Flannigan Catherine 6 feb Francis Flannigan      Anne Nolan Eshekerin
1865 Murray Daniel 9 feb Patrick Murray               Bridget McMahon Rosslea
1865 Murray Margaret 8 feb Hugh Murray        Catherine Maguire Derryard
1865 Green Sara 5 feb Patrick Green                Alice Keenan Smythboro'
1865 McClave James 17 feb Thomas McClave      Mary Smyth Derryard
1865 McGuirk Mary anne 19 feb Edward McGuirk             Mary McGuirk Bullock
1865 Smyth James 25 feb John Smyth                    Mary Quigley ?
1865 Flynn Mary Anne 26 feb John Flynn                    Anne Leonard Eshna?
1865 Elliott Bridget 26 feb Michael Elliott                Rose Keenan Corbane
1865 Smyth Catherine 27 feb Patrick Smyth                     Mary McClave Dernawilt
1865 Cassidy Mary Anne 28 feb James Cassidy           Ellen Mulligan Greaghawarren
1865 McAloon Mary 1 mar Peter McAloon               Mary Campbell Eshnadarragh
1865 McAloon James 3 mar James McAloon             Bridget McMahon Drumguiff
1865 Murphy Catherine  - mar Thomas Murphy             Margaret Swift Rosslea
1865 Campbell john  - mar blank Campbell              Alice Connolly Monaghan
1865 Cadden Patrick  - mar Patrick Cadden               Susanna McManus Eshecarn
1865 Maguire Patrick 15 mar James Maguire              Catherine Maginnes Derryvolan
1865 Smyth James Patrick  - mar Bernard Smyth               Mary McKenna Salloo
1865 Beggan Catherine  - mar Francis Beggan        Anne Beggan Eshnadarragh
1865 Maginty Owen 21 mar Owen Maginty                     Alice McCage Derryvolan
1865 Duffy Mary Anne  - mar Edward Duffy                Catherine Smyth Rosslea
1865 Murphy Michael 25 mar James Murphy         Mary Murphy Corragunt
1865 Murray Ellen 28 mar Daniel Murray           Mary Quigley Lannat
1865 Beggan Margaret 31 mar Owen Beggan Eshnadarragh
1865 Prunty Mary 30 mar Patrick Prunty                Mary Lynch Legacurry
1865 McPhillips Mary Anne 7 apr Hugh McPhillips             Anne Jane Murphy Innishammon
1865 Rooney Edward 13 apr Charles Rooney Elizabeth Murray Drumerheeve
1865 McMahon James 13 apr Peter McMahon             Ellen Quigley Drumerheeve
1865 Corr James 10 apr John Corr                 Ellen Forster Killavilla
1865 McClave James 15 apr Peter McClave          Ellen Beggan Derraloo
1865 Reilly Mary Anne 10 apr John Reilly        Catherine McManus Greaghawarren
1865 McAloon Mary Anne 22 apr Peter McAloon               Bridget Cassidy Dernasell
1865 Hare Margaret Jane 27 apr James Hare        Catherine Corr Lisnawesna
1865 Toal Ellen 12 apr William Toal                 Bridget Toal Maherarny
1865 Toal Catherine 12 apr Patrick Toal                   Catherine Coyle Maherarny
1865 Loughran James 30 apr Patrick Loughran        Sara McPhilips Killycohil
1865 Martin Catherine 2 may John Martin        Margaret Cassidy Derryneese
1865 Benson William 6 may William Benson    Margaret Connolly Rosslea
1865 Gunn Mary 12 may Patrick Gunn             Mary McAloon Eshnada?
1865 Beggan John 20 may Thomas Beggan             Catherine Murray ?
1865 Fields Mary 15 may James Fields            Mary Greenan Smythboro'
1865 McGee James 25 may Charles McGee              Mary Mullin Derryvolan
1865 McMahon Elizabeth  - may Francis McMahon     Jane McQuillan Legacurry
1865 Troy Susanna  - jun Patrick Troy                  Alice McCann Smythboro'
1865 Murray Ellen 18 jun Thomas Murray              Mary Kelly Tanaghaboy
1865 Sherry Ellen 22 jun James Sherry                Rose McCaffrey Alisabay
1865 Higgins John 20 jun Michael Higgins        Alice Connolly Annalee
1865 Murray Hugh 23 jun Hugh Murray                 Margaret McKenna Greaghaverrin
1865 Doherty Catherine 28 jun Patrick Doherty              Catherine McElroy Corragunt
1865 Creighan Francis  - jun Patrick Creighan         Catherine Maguire Annaghlee
1865 Leonard Sara  - jun Robert Leonard         Mary Brady Lismeagh
1865 McDonald John 28 jun John McDonald          Jane Cosgrove Rosslea
1865 McQuillan Arthur  -    - Arthur McQuillan          Anne McMahon Drumaderany
1865 Smyth Joseph 9 jul James Smyth                 Rose Callaghan Rosslea
1865 Murray Thomas  - jul Michael Murray              Bridget McAloon Corbane
1865 Lynch Owen  - jul Luke Lynch       Catherine Swift Milligans
1865 Cassidy Edward 22 jul John Cassidy                Mary McCabe Mullinahinch
1865 Quigley Felix 31 jul James Quigley               Mary Carrolan Bruskarnagh
1865 Tierney Peter 5 aug Dennis Tierney           Catherine Haran Cornagilla
1865 Slowey Patrick  - aug Michael Slowey        Sarah Rourke Drumerheeve
1865 Cadden Margaret  - aug Thomas Cadden             Mary O'Hara Derryneese
1865 Farmer Catherine 13 aug Thomas Farmer             Rose McQuillan Drumshancorrick
1865 McGrory Sara  - aug Owen McGrory              Margaret Carroll Drummons
1865 Murray Michael 25 aug Michael Murray               Mary Anne McDonald Derryard
1865 Meehan Catherine 21 aug John Meehan     Catherine Cosgrove Granshaw
1865 Murray Ellen  - aug Patrick Murray                Catherine Doherty Derryard
1865 Leonard Mary anne  - aug James Leonard         Mary Ross Lismacsheela
1865 Callaghan Daniel 29 aug Charles Callaghan    Anne Cassidy Drumghost
1865 Connolly John 28 aug Patrick Connolly             Rose McCann Derryleedigan
1865 Beggan Bridget 1 sept James Beggan              Catherine Carron Derryard
1865 Lally Thomas 31 aug Thomas Lally                 Rose Boyle Liskeabrick
1865 Sweeny Mary anne  -     - James Sweeny          Ellen McMahon Annahone
1865 Clements Patrick  -     - Michael Clements     Anne Curley Tulleran
1865 Connolly James  -     - John Connolly               Elizabeth Quigley Tanaghaboy
1865 Cunningham Michael 26 oct Michael Cunningham Bridget Cassidy Dernawilt
1865 Smyth James  -     - Mathew Smyth       Catherine Quigley Crockareagh
1865 blank Francis  -     - Susanna McMahon Mahery
1865 Rooney Edward 6 nov Patrick Rooney              Anne Martin Derryheanlish
1865 Maguire Joseph 8 nov Michael Maguire     Catherine Slowey Cordoolagh
1865 Campbell Ellen  -     - William Campbell      Ellen Conlon Billary
1865 Lynch John  -     - Patrick Lynch                 Mary Anne Doherty Corragunt
1865 McCarney Peter  -     - John McCarney            Ellen McPhilips Drummonds
1865 Smyth Mary Anne  -     - Patrick Smyth                 Ellen Clearkin Dernawilt
1865 McManus Philip 21 nov Owen McManus             Bridget Smyth Bunlogher
1865 McElroy Patrick  -     - Patrick McElroy     Catherine Ellis Corraleek
1865 Rooney John 25 nov Patrick Rooney              Ellen McKenna Derryartry
1865 McKenna Michael 5 dec Peter McKenna               Anne Fye Dernahesco
1865 Woods Bridget  - dec William Woods        Anne Rooney Derrylea
1865 McKenna Anne 9 dec Patrick McKenna   Catherine Mulligan Dernahesco
1865 Nelson James  - dec James Nelson                Ellen ? ?
1865 Flannigan Bernard  - dec Michael Flannigan      Sara Magee Corrinshego
1865 Beggan Patrick 17 dec James Beggan              blank Doran Drumshancorrick
1865 Connolly Catherine 18 dec James Connolly             Catherine Kearns Kilcreen
1865 Martin Michael 26 dec Owen Martin        Elizabeth Beggan Derryneese
1865 Fye Mary Anne  -    - John Fye                  Mary Sherry Dernasell
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