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St. Tierney's (Roslea) Marriages

1862 - 1881

Note: I have taken every care to make sure these records are as accurate as possible. Please be aware when looking for your ancestors that names and townlands may have various variant spellings and this was very much the case with these records. While we have done our best to read them, there have certainly been times when it has not been possible to be 100% sure, so, for this reason, you will find some in red. Those in red we have put down what we think it reads, as we thought it better than to put nothing at all and in some cases we have been fairly sure but not sure enough to state.

*** You will notice that the years flip back and forth in places. The reason for this is that it was very hard to match up the pages and so, I thought it best to leave it as is so as not to cock it up ***

For a pdf version which can be saved onto your computer go here (once opened go to file and save) You will need adobe acrobat reader which can be downloaded from here

Year Date Groom Townland Bride Townland
1862 29-Sep Michael Leary Rosslea Elizabeth McMahon Drummerheeve
1862 12-Oct Owen Gavin ? (Clones) Margaret Clarke Liscabrick
1862 05-Oct Michael Flannigan Corrinshego Sarah Magee Derryvolan
1862 07-Oct Patrick McClusky Cortrasna (Clones) Mary Creighan Cordoolagh
1862 04-Nov Patrick McKenna Clonkirk Irland (Clones) Elizabeth Gunn Shanmulla
1862 13-Nov Francis Boylan Tullycrurnin Margaret Corrigan Carra bane (Corbane?)
1862 16-Nov Francis Slowey Rosslea Margaret Smyth Rosslea
1862 22-Nov Peter Flannigan Carnmore (Clones) Catherine Cadin Eshekerin
1862 25-Nov Bernard Martin Newtown Butler ? Rose McMahon Drumerheeve
1862 27-Nov John Halfpenny Derra? (tydavnet) Rose McKenna Dernasell
1863 08-Jan Bernard Smyth Corraghy (Clones) Margaret McAnany Lislannan
1863 11-Jan Edward McManus Rosslea Mary Anne Duffy Rosslea
1863 29-Jan James Cassidy Corragunt Helen Mulligan Corragunt
1863 13-Feb Owen Cassidy Eshrow Mary Rooney Eshnadarragh
1863 17-Feb Terence Murray Corragunt Mary Dogherty Corragunt
1863 17-Feb Patrick Cosgrove Corbane Catherine Quigley Bruskarnagh
1863 17-Feb John Connolly Parish of Killacreen Margaret McManus Gransha
1863 09-Mar Peter McKarker Derryard Helen Winn Derryard
1863 30-Apr Peter McMahon Drumerheeve Helen Lynch Ervey
1863 07-Jun Edward Duffy Rosslea Catherine Smyth Annagulgan
1863 11-Oct Thomas Corr Bunloher Mary Anne McManus Eshekerin
1863 14-Nov James Corr Bunloher Catherine Carolan Bunloher
1863 15-Nov Hugh McPhillips Ennishammon Anne Jane Murphy Ennishammon
1863? 17 ? Joseph Murphy Rahol Mary Jane McDonnell Lismeagh
1863? 19 ? John Connolly Tanaghaboy Elizabeth Quigley Bruskarnagh
1863? 19 ? Philip Sweeny Drummer Margaret Slowey Feigh
1864 12-Jan Bernard McMahon Corlan Rose Carroll Drumshanfrick
1864 29-Jan Peter Loughran Ballintopin Sara McPhillips Ballintopin
1864 04-Feb James Murphy Newtownbutler Margaret Callaghan Drumgoast
1864 07-Feb John Smyth Mullabrady Mary Quigley Drumacritten
1864 07-Feb Patrick Maguire Derryvolan Bridget Smyth Derryvolan
1864 09-Feb John Smyth Derrylea Bridget Tierney Derrylea
1864 09-Feb Patrick Connolly Derryleedigan Rose McCarny Anahagh
1864 14-Apr Charles Magee Derryvolan Mary Quigley Templetate
1864 03-Jun Felix Swift Annagulgan Margaret McMahon Maghery
1864 27-May Peter McAloon Eshnaglough Bridget Cassidy Greaghaverrin
1864 16-Jun James Quigley Bruskernagh Mary Carolan Derryheanlish
1864 29-Jun Patrick Cadin Eshekerin Susanna McManus Eshekerin
1864 07-Jul Patrick Haran Lanet ? Mary Anne McGuire Cornagilla
1864 21-Jul Terence Donegan Littengu??????? Margaret McAleer Cornagilla
1864 04-Aug John McGuiness Kilmore Tydavnet Elisabeth Flynn Caroleek
1864 07-Aug Edward McCaffrey Drumulla Mary McGuirk Lisgall
1864 14-Aug James Sheils ? ?.Tydavnet Frances McKenna Glenamunchy
1864 04-Oct Arthur McGuiggin Drum? Tydavnet Catherine Beggan Caroleek
1864 02-Nov Thomas Laly ? Rose Boyle Liscabrick
1864 02-Nov ? ? ? ? Calaghan Mulgins
1864 03-Nov Arthur Rooney Knocknalare Mary Murray Bunloher
1864 16-Nov Patrick Lynch Kilmore Tydavnet Marianne Doherty Corragunt
1864 24-Nov Thomas Cassidy ? Anne McCaffrey Derrygellia
1864 24-Nov Owen Carroll Drumshanfrick Jane Rooney Crocada
1865? 10 (Feb?) Redmond McMahon ? ? Mary Beggan Eshnadarragh
1865? 16 (Feb?) Patrick Rooney Eshnadarragh Ellen McKenna Derryartry
1865? 26 ? Patrick McCaffrey Tattinbar Mary McClusky Tattinbar
1865?          - John Smyth Gransha Mary Anne Doran Drumederanny
1865? 01-Jun Hugh Elliot Knocknagras Anne McMahon Corbane
1865? 11-Jun Patrick Murphy Drumagorlin Sara Anne Simpson Annalee
1865? 25-Jun Michael Flynn Carricknakillea Bridget McAloon Eshawilligan
1865? 26-Jun Thomas B? Lanon England Catherine Murray Derrygelly
1865? 30-Jul Bernard McFarlan P Killeroon Mary McCallan Maherarney
1865? 08-Nov William McCarvil Rosslea Anne Kearns Rosslea
1865? 09-Nov John Lowry          - Mary Connolly Granamoile
1865? 15-Nov James McKenna Killilina Mary Connolly Killycohil
1865 17-Nov Patrick Reilly Mullanteemore Alice Beggan Altnabokera
1865 21-Nov James Gunn Pottiagh Mary McCaffrey Greaghawarren
1865 30 Nov             01 Dec Patrick Quigley Greaghawarren Margaret McManus Bunmichael
1865 12-Jan James McCaffrey Dellygella ? Mulligan Dernahesco
1866 18-Jan James Murray Cordoolagh Catherine McCardle alias Sheil Aughnashammon
1866 18-Jan Edward Cadan Rosslea Rose Carbine Corrinshego
1866 26-Nov Philip McAloon Drumguiff Rosanne McCabe Drumghost
1865 01-Dec Patrick Connolly Kilcorn Catherine Smyth Drumacritten
1865 21-Jan John King Rosslea Bridget Ross Rosslea
1866 08-Feb Patrick Kieran Mahery Sara Short Mullindava
1866 09-Feb Hugh McAloon Eshnaglough Isabelle Cassidy Greaghaverrin
1866 09-Feb James McClave Derraloo Bridget Beggan Derrygelly
1866 11-Feb Bernard Cosker Augh? Anne Carbin Eshrow
1866 13-Feb Hugh Rooney Crockadagh Helen Murray Tanahboy
1866 13-Feb James Short Mullindavagh Catherine McKenna Glenamuncha
1866 13-Feb John Quigley Cornamramurry Elizabeth McCaffrey Annagulgan
1866 13-Feb Patrick McGuire ? Anne McClusky Eshnaglough
1866 09-Apr Thomas Murphy Bullockbrine Anne Clerkin Aughagaw
1866 09-Apr Owen McB? Lisnaskay Rose Sonaghan Rosslea
1866 06-May James Connolly Tanaghaboy Bridget McCave Derrygelly
1866 07-May Edward Allen ?.? (N.Butler Parish) Margaret Meehan Granshaw
1866 21-Jun Philip Murphy Mullabrack Anne Sheils Mullabrack
1866 21-Jun John McClave Derrygelly Anne Rooney Crockadagh
1866 05-Jul Peter McGlade Killavilla Catherine Malarky Tatymore
1866 05-Jul Patrick Connolly Tatymore Anne McManus Bunmichael
1866 16-Aug Thomas ? Kilmore  Margaret Greenan Smithboro
1966 19-Nov ? Morrow Kilcoran Catherine Clerkin Kilcoran
1866 21-Nov Thomas ?eldon Clones Margaret McCann Cornacreeve
1866 30-Nov John Corr ? ? McKenna Scribby
1866 30-Nov Patrick ? ? Margaret McQuillan Gransha
1867 ?          -          -          -          -
1867 13 ?          -          - Margaret Cassidy Drumguiff
1867 17-Jan Robert Brady Corraleek Catherine Murphy Dernahesco
1867 08-Feb Terence McDonald ? Margaret Smyth Derrintony
1867 17-Feb Bernard Murray Tanaghaboy Mary Tierney Cornagilla
1867 23-Feb Henry Murphy Corragunt Catherine Mulligan Corraleek
1867 24-Feb John Rooney Eshnadarragh Mary Kieran Shanmulla
1867 24-Feb James McLeer Cornagilla Mary Smyth Altnabokera
         -          - Edward Reilly          - Bridget McQuillan          -
         -          - Hugh McElroy          - Magaret McLoon Rosslea
         -          - Patrick McGuirk          - Mary Swift          -
         -          - John Reilly          - Catherine McMahon          -
         -          - James ?          - Jane McElroy          -
         -          - John McKenna          - Ellen McMahon          -
         -          - John Connolly          - Mary McCaroll          -
         -          - John Martin          - Margaret Cassidy          -
         -          - William ?          - Margaret Connolly          -
         -          - John McDonald Rosslea Jane Cosgrove Rosslea
         -          - Henry ?          - Catherine Corr          -
         -          - Edward Callaghan          - Catherine McCaffrey          -
         -          - Michael Cunningham          - Bridget Cassidy          -
         -          - Patrick Brady          - Mary McQuillan          -
         -          - Francis ?          - Catherine McQuillan          -
1867 ? Charles Toale Cornaghy Catherine Toale Maherarny
1867 08-Oct William Connolly Kilcoran Bridget McConnelly Mullaglassen
1867 13-Nov Francis Smyth Granshaw Anne McElroy Granshaw
1867 22-Nov Patrick McMahon Corbane Rose Quigley Bruskerna
1867 28-Nov John McMahon Eshnadarragh Mary Flynn Corraleek
1867 29-Nov James Beaty Fullam Catherine McManus Eshekerin
1867 29-Nov Bernard Murray Lannat Catherine Martin Derryneese
1867 29-Nov Francis Keenan ? Mary McCann Cornacreeve
1868 23-Jan Patrick McGuire Drumlo Margaret Connelly ?
1868 23-Jan Mathew McElroy Aughalurker Bridget McCaffrey Derrygelly
1868 09-Feb John Quigley Drumacritten Helen Swift ?
1868 13-Feb Patrick Brennan ? Jane Smyth Derrintony
1868 13-Feb John Murphy Cordoolagh Margaret Mulligan Taligormican
1867 24-Feb ? Madden Aughnashammon Isabelle Nowlan Aughnashammon
1867 26-Feb Thomas McCaffrey Killattin Rose Swift ?
1867 01-Mar Thomas Beggan Corraleek Catherine Maguire Corn?
1867 07-May Patrick Callaghan Annagulgan Elizabeth O'Neal Annagulgan
1867 09-May John Connolly Granamoile Judith Smyth Rosslea
1867 23-May John McManus Aughalurcher Susanna McLoon Eshawilligan
1867 23-May Edw McKeon Pottiagh Marianne Smyth Rosslea
1867 31-May William Molloy Derrintony Anne ? Derrintony
1867 12-Jun ? McManus ? ? McKenna ?
1867 25-Jun Patrick Cassidy Drumguiff Bridget Flanigan Corrinshego
1867 17-Jul James Cosgrove Drumerheeve Mary Cassidy Crockadagh
1867 25-Aug Dennis Daily Gortmon Margaret Murlagh Balintopin
1867 05-Sep James Campble Liscabrick Margaret ? Derrylusk
1868 13-Feb Peter Flynn Eshnadarragh Catherine Moynagh Dernasell
1868 18-Feb William Smyth Drumerwinter Mary Anne Beggan Derryard
1868 ? Francis Reddy Bullockbrine Rosanne Campble Maherarny
1868 2? Feb Patrick McCage Shee Anne Slowey Feigh
1868 24-Feb Philip McKenna ? Mary Cedan Eshekerin
1868 25-Feb James Maguire Crocknagrally Catherine Malarky Granagore
1868 11-Jun James Cusack Garen Bridget Fey Ballintoppin
1868 07-May James Smith Dernawilt Catherine McMahon Milgins
1868 23-Jul John Murray Tatimore Bridget McTague D?
1868 30-Aug Hugh Prunty Derry? Helen Quigley L?
1868 20-Sep Patrick Smyth Milgins Rose Sullivan Knockvey
1868 22-Oct John Leonard Maherarny Susanna Leonard Maherarny
1868 27-Oct James Holland Kiberidog Mary ? Carnbara
1869 25-Nov Hugh Rooney Derrygannon Mary Boyle Derryheanlish
1869 25-Nov Michael Maguire Tanderagee Helen McClusky Anaglough
1869 26-Nov Thomas Bogue Mullafad Helen Connolly Tonaghaboy
1870 23-Jan Peter Cosgrove Corbane Mary Anne McClusky Eshnaglough
1870 30-Jan John Beggan Drummerheeve Mary McKenna Derryard
1870 03-Feb John Smyth Drummerwinter Catherine Carrol     -
1870 10-Feb John Keenan Dernahesco Catherine McClusky Eshnalough
1870 11-Feb John Connolly Tanaghboy Mary Leonard Crockadagh
1870 22-Feb William Murphy Dernahesco Mary Murphy Cornamramurry
1870 18-Feb Thomas Rooney Eshnadarragh Catherine Beggan Derrygannon
1870 20-Feb Thomas Flynn Derrygelly Bridget McClusky Eshalough
1870 20-Feb Owen McLoon Eshnaloug Mary McGuire Granagore
1870 23-Feb Hugh McQuillan Gola Mary Quigley Derryheanlish
1868 03-Nov Thomas McCrudden ? Marianne McPhilips Coolatty
1868 22-Nov William Connolly Derrylusk Mary Mc? Drumgoast
1868 26-Nov John Cosgrove Erasallagh Anne Beggan Ervy
1869 03-Feb James Conlon Lislannon Jane Taffe Scribby
1869 27-Jan John McCann Cornacreeve Mary Gallaher Cornamramurry
1869 07-Feb Peter McKenna Corlatt Margaret Kearns Shanmulla
1869 07-Feb Francis Leonard Crockadagh Mary Beggan Derrygannon
1869 08-Feb Patrick Rooney Derrygannon Elizabeth Flynn Corraleek
1869 04-Apr James Sherlock Deraligan Anne McCarny Deralidigan
1869 13-Apr Patrick Higgins Rosebrick Bridget Sherry Rellan
1869 25-Jul Philip Murray Tatimore Elizabeth Foster Pottiagh
1869 14-Nov Michael Boyle Greaghawarren Susanna Gunn Shanmulla
1869 18-Nov James McDonald Galloon Marianne McEntee Eshawilligan
1870 24-Feb John McGeough Derrychrufren Mary Moynagh Dernasell
1870 24-Feb Peter Beggan Altnabokera Helen Quigley Bruskerna
1870 27-Feb Felix Farmer Allygish Anne Traynor Derrylidigan
1870 01-Mar Thomas Cassidy Greaghaverrin Bridget McManus Bunmichael
1870 01-Mar James Connolly Killycreen Catherine McGovern Drumshancorrick
1870 25-Apr Peter McGilly Cavanacross Anne Tierny Rellan
1870 11-May Thomas McLoon Eshnadarragh Mary Cadan Derryneese
1870 25-May William Smyth Derrylea Anne McMahon Derrylidigan
1870 18-Aug Hugh McCarron Acres Margaret Connolly Tatimore
1870 06-Nov Patrick Quinn Templetate Elizabeth ? Templetate
1870 24-Nov John McCusker ? Mary White Dernasell
1870 28-Nov James Moris ? Mary McCaffrey anagulgan
1871 Jan Owen McGinity Derryvolan Margaret Smyth Derrintony
1871 27-Oct James Boyle Fullam Bridget Slowey Lannaght
1871 27-Oct William Cowper Legnakelly Marianne Gunn Shanmulla
1871 07-Nov Francis McCabe Mullendara Susanna Gavan Mahary
1871 19-Nov Hugh McMeel Rellan Rose McKenna Mullabrack
1871 19-Nov Owen McEntee Smythboro Mary Reilly Anashanco
1871 30-Nov John Monaghan Mullendara Margaret Connolly Kilcoran
1871 30-Nov John Murray Derryard Bridget Murray Derryvolan
1871 01-Dec Owen Clerkin Derryneese Marianne Leonard Crockadagh
1871 28-Dec Thomas Cleary Belfast Marianne King Scribby
1872 07-Jan Stephen McDonald Mallaboy Marianne Armstrong Mallaboy
1872 25-Jan Thomas Mohan Aughavey Margaret McClave Corraleek
1872 28-Jan Hugh McHugh Rosslea Bridget McKeon Rosslea
1872 28-Jan William Keeran Kingavilla Bridget McKenna Derryartry
1871 25-Jan Thomas McCabe Nart Judith Corr Pottiagh
1871 12-Feb Hugh McElroy Lannat Mary Dougherty Corragunt
1871 19-Feb Michael Murray Bruskerna Catherine Beggan Knocknalare
1871 20-Feb Francis McGinnis Kilmore Anne Rooney Derryheanlish
1871 21-Feb Patrick Laulor Caranmore Marianne Murphy Corragunt
1871 23-Apr William Quigley Drumacrittan Helen Sherry Rellan
1871 25-May Philip McMahon Clones Mary McMahon Eshnadarragh
1871 04-Jun Francis McMahon Bunloher Margaret Corr Bunloher
1871 23-Jul Patrick Tierny ? Alice Sheridan McRee Rellan
1871 27-Jul Patrick Smyth Knockavey Catherine Callaghan Mulligan
1871 04-Aug John Hady ? Bridget McCabe Derrylidigan
1871 15-Aug James McManus Gransha Mary McDonald Gransha
1871 21-Oct Michael Smyth Rosslea Anne Lynch Rosslea
1872 11-Feb Patrick Barka ? Mary Reel Nart
1872 12-Feb Michael Martin Derryneese Anne Corr Bunlogher
1872 19-Apr Michael McPhillips Smythboro Catherine McGinness Smythboro
1872 28-Apr Patrick Quigley Lis? Mary Roark Lis?
1872 29-Apr Patrick McKenna Lanat Elizabeth Martin Derryneese
1872 20-May Peter Clerkin Smithborough Mary Casy ?
1872 25-Jul Patrick Caddan Derryneese Eliza Cassidy Tanaghaboy
1872 18-Aug Bernard Smyth Milgins Rose Murphy Tatymore
1872 27-Oct Patrick Traynor ? Helen McCarron ?
1872 10-Nov James Lamb Rough hill Ellen Murphy ?
1872 ? Nov James Quigley Derryloo Mary Murphy Derryloo
1872 24-Nov Luke Carbary Pottiagh Mary McMahon Pottiagh
1872 28-Nov William Farmer Drummons Jane McQuaid Allisabay
1873 13 ? Michael Beggan Kilrid Mary Smyth Mullaconly
1873 07-Feb Patrick Clerkin Derryneese Margaret McMahon Drumerheeve
1873 12-Feb Owen Prunty Derryvolan Marianne Cosgrove Derryard
1873 21-Apr Patrick Connolly Drumshanfrick Mary Anne McCann Newcastle Engle?
1873 ? May John Murray Greaghaverrin Rose McManus Bunmihal
1873 13-Jul Edward Cosgrove Cool? Helen Corr Lislannon
1873 04-Aug Bernard McKenna Knockawhellan Catherine Beggan Derryard
1873 28-Aug Henry McMahon Gola Mary McMahon Derrylidigan
1873 31-Aug Patrick Connolly Derrylidigan Catherine Callaghan Knocknanure
1873 18-Oct James Mullin Rosslea Jane Bogue Rosslea
1873 11-Nov John Scallon Garron Helen Brady Garron
1873 11-Nov James Duffy Scarva Bridget Cosgrove Rosslea
1873 13-Nov John Murray Tatymore Mary or Margaret Beggan ?
1873 27-Nov William Corrigan Ballybay Margaret Smyth Derryheanlish
1873 31-Dec Hugh Cassidy Cornacreeve Rose Cadan Eshakeerna
1874 21-Jan Bernard McGuire Drumguiff Elizabeth Leonard Crockadagh
1874 25-Jan Patrick McGuire Dernasly Mariane Reilly Granamoyle
1874 26-Jan Patrick McMahon Gola Mills Marianne McGinity Killi? Tydavnet
1874 08-Feb Patrick McCary Aunacly Catherine ? Maghery
1874 12-Feb Francis McCary D? Anne Carolan Derryh?
1874 ? Feb Felix Quigley Bruskerna Margaret Rooney Derryvolan
1874 16-Feb Thomas Mullen Knocktallin Rose Dogherty Corragunt
1874 13-Apr Rupert Henderson Annamartin Mary Conlon Ana?
1874 21-Apr Francis Beggan Corraleek Bridget Carabin Eshrow
1874 26-May John McCudden Coolnasang Mary Anne McCormick Scribby
1874 25-Oct Peter Burns Corlat ? Bridget McCaffrey Dernahesco
1875 03-Feb Edward McCarron Shanrow Mary Beggan Greaghnagore
1875 08-Feb Peter McGuigan Drumshanfrick Margaret McLoon Drumshanfrick
1875 ? May William Lamb Gortmore Margaret Connolly ?
1875 07-May Daniel Mulligan Liskabrick Anne Smyth Derrintony
1875 30-May John McCann Belfast Bridget O'Neill Li?
1875 21-Oct James Murphy Drummons Catherine Sherry Alisabay
1875 21-Oct Patrick McGinity Killmore Margaret Quigley Derryheanlish
1875 11-Nov Peter Reilly Crockadagh Rose McCaffrey Crockadagh
1875 15-Nov John Cassidy ? Mary McClave Derryard
1875 15-Nov Patrick Murphy Killa? Anne Mulligan Killa?
1875 21-Nov Thomas Mulligan Dernahesco Mary Beggan Knocknalare
1875 26-Nov James Dixon Lisnagor Catherine Flinn Eshnadarragh
1876 28-Jan Philip Flinn Crocknakelly Ellen McAloon Eshawilligan
1876 22-Feb Michael Rooney Derrygannon Bridget Hand Corraleek
1876 27-Feb ? McManus ? Bridget McManus Gransha
1876 21-Jun Patrick Murray Rosslea Anne McKenna Rellan
1876 11-Jun Bernard Cassidy Drumshancorrick Catherine Slowey Drumerheeve
1876 04-Jul Patrick Graham Glen Catherine McQuillan Gransha
1876 28-Aug Thomas Goodwin Annesla Elizabeth King                          -
1876 07-Aug Patrick ? Mullabrack Mary Fey Carrabane
1876 02-Nov Edward Keon Rosslea Rose Smyth Drumacritten
1876 07-Nov Patrick Sherry Deerpark Mary Anne Breen Derryvolan
1876 22-Nov William Patten Kilgormly Mary McClusky Gransha
1876 22-Nov James Maguire L? Mary Slowey Feagh
1876 28-Nov Charles Donnell Monaghan Jane Corrigan Carrabarrow
1877 08-Jan Hugh Mulligan Ta? Eliza Taffe Scribby
1877 09-Jan John McRee Rosslea Jane Rooney Derryheanlish
1877 10-Jan ? Brady Rosslea Alice Smyth Rosslea
1877 blank Patrick McElgunn Enniscoll? Catherine McLoon Eshawilligan
1877 04-Feb Daniel Callaghan ? Ellen Sherry Lisnawesna
1877 11-Feb John Tierny ? Catherine Murray Lannat
1877 12-Feb Patrick Carrol Drumshanfrick ? Boyle Knocklear
1877 12-Feb Michael Boyle Follom Mary Beggan Ervey
1877 12-Feb Patrick Sonaghan Mullena? Margaret Mulligan Derrynahesco
1877 12-Feb Thomas Corr Skitery Susanna McClusky Esnaglough
1877 13-Feb James McManus Ballagh Bridget Maguire Cornagilla
1877 12-Apr Richard Kelly Smithborough Mary Rooney Smithborough
1877 03-Sep Terence Doonagan ? Galoon Parish Mary McGuire Cornagilla
1877 18-Sep James Slowey Gortna? Anne Quigley Greaghaverrin
1878 04-Mar ? McMahon ? Catherine McAloon Eshawilligan
1878 05-Mar Francis Connolly Ballintoppin Mary McEntee Ballintoppin
1878 ? Mar Peter McKenna ? Ellen McClave Corraleek
1878 ? Mar Peter Flynn Eshnadarragh Bridget McCaffrey Eshrow
1878 30-May John Nowlan S? Anne B? Eshawilligan
1878 08-May Michael Cassidy Crockadagh Bridget Boyle Derryheanlish
1878 25-Aug Hugh McNamee Smythborough Mary Greenan Smythborough
1878 2? Sept Patrick Nowlan Lannatt Mary Cassidy Ervey
1878 15-Nov Peter Flynn Corraleek Bridget Mulligan Corraleek
1878 21-Nov Francis Murphy Derrynahesco Catherine Beggan Corraleek
1878 29-Nov Bernard Donaghue Bullockbran Margaret Reilly Greahaboy
1878 29-Nov John Clifford Dernawilt Jane Doran Drumederany
1879 2? Jan James McGinity Knock? Margaret McKenna Drummons
1877 21-Oct Patrick Martin Mullabrady Bridget Duffy Mullabrady
1877 Nov Edward McMahon Altnabokera Margaret Flynn Corraleek
1877 29-Nov Francis McMahon Cornacreeve Anne Beggan Greaghaverrin
1877 30-Nov Patrick McKenna Lamy Mary Anne McClave Corraleek
1878 10-Jan Thomas Beggan Eshnadarragh Bridget Carbin Eshrow
1878 11-Jan Owen Beggan Greagh? Elizabeth Murray Bunlogher
1878 13-Feb James Boyle Cornasoo Marianne Sherry Drumag?
1878 17-Feb Patrick McMahon Cornagilla Mary Murray Tanaghboy
1878 19-Feb James McKenna Rellan Ellen McMahon Derrylidigan
1878 21-Feb Charles Wood Derryloo Margaret McGinnity Derrylidigan
1878 25-Feb James McQuaid Ballintoppin Margaret Murphy Ballintoppin
1878 blank Michael Smyth Derrylea Mary McCarron Shanrow
1878 ? Mar Peter McClave Derryard  blank McMahon Drumshancorrick
1879 28-Jan James Reilly Eshnadarragh Bridget Beggan Eshnadarragh
1879 13-Feb Patrick Beggan Derrygella Mary McKenna Dernasell
1879 09-Feb Patrick McCaffrey Knock? Mary Lynch Annagulgan
1879 23-Feb Michael McCaffrey Anagulgan Margaret Prunty Legacurry
1879 25-Feb Owen Quigley Deerpark Sara Connolly Dernawilt
1879 23-May Mathew Cosgrove Tanaghaboy Elizabeth McMahon Lannatt
1879 27-May Patrick Connolly Tanaghaboy Elizabeth Doran Drumadraney
1879 13-Jul Michael Crokin Derryard Elizabeth McKenna Derryartry
1879 22-Jul Hugh McMahon Druma? Margaret McMahon Greaghawarren
1879 31-Jul James Dixon Lis? Mary McGuire Drumguiffy
1879 29-Oct James McCann Cornacreeve Rose Cassidy Eshekerin
1879 11-Nov Patrick McGinnis Rough Hill Sara Carollan Park
1879 16-Nov Peter McGuire Cornagilla Ellen Murray Derrygella
1879 27-Nov Peter Lynch G? ? ? T?
1879 27-Nov Francis Quigley Bruscarnagh Ellen Rooney Derryvolan
1880 blank Henry Mulligan T? Mary Caroll Aghaga
1880 10-Feb Thomas Caroll Drumshancorrick Mary Rooney Drumerheeve
1880 10-Feb Thomas Monaghan Steadbally Mary McPhillips Lislannon
1880 10-Feb Francis McDonald Gransha Mary Jane Gaghan Gransha
1880 06-Apr Patrick Owens Dernahesco Helen McCaffrey Dernahesco
1880 06-Apr John Sweeney Callahana Margaret Gibson Callahana
1880 20-Apr Bernard Moor An? Catherine Smyth Derryvolan
1880 22-Jun James G? Caranmore Catherine Beggan Eshnadarragh
1880 10-Aug Thomas Manly Knockwaddy ? Beggan Greaghawarren
1880 29-Sep Patrick Cadden M? Rose Leonard Crockadagh
1880 07-Nov Edward Shields Rosslea Mary Brady Stone Bridge
1880 08-Nov Joseph Atwell Gransh Marianne McAree Gransha
1880 16-Nov Peter McAloon Eshawilligan Ellen Beggan Knocknalare
1880 28-Nov Patrick Kearns Shamulla Jane King Derryheanlish
1881 07-Feb Patrick Quigley Eshbane Cecilia Cassidy Eshawilligan
1881 07-Feb Peter Quigley Cornamramurry Sarah Cadden Derryneese
1881 21-Feb John Sherry Knocka? Catherine Connolly Tatymore
1881 blank James McCaffrey Dernahesco Margaret Cosgrove Ervey
1881 blank Hugh McKenna Bunmichael Mary McManus Bunmichael
1881 blank Patrick Quigley Ervy Ellen McMahon Bruscarnagh
1881 blank Owen Rooney Kilcreen Catherine McKenna Derryartry
1881 blank Michael Carbin Derrynahesco Bridget McKenna Derrynasell
1881 27 ? Thomas Cosgrove Rosslea T? McPhillips Pottiagh
1881 20-Jul John Clements ? Catherine Leonard Magherarney


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