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This is an old photo of the old Chapel School in Roslea. It ws kindly donated by Mary (daughter of Louis Quigley).

Roslea School was established on 1st January 1874. It was known as the 'Female School for Infants'. The school was built to relieve Cordoola School which was a quarter of a mile away and had a roll of one hundred and thirteen pupils. The building was in the grounds of the Roman Catholic Chapel and became known locally as the 'Chapel School'. Built by local subscription, it was a two storey stone building with a slated roof. The school was located outside the village on the road to Monaghan. It opened on the 1st July 1874 with a roll of thirty six pupils.
The ground floor had three doors. There was a coach house, presumably used by the Parish priest, who resided three miles away, to park his trap whenever he came to Roslea. It was in use until the late thirties, not as a coach house but as a garage. The last priest to use it was the late Fr. Peter Smyth.
The first floor, in length, measured twenty seven and a half foot and was seventeen and a half foot wide. The height was fourteen feet. There were three windows to the front of the building and two windows at the back. There was a turf fire at each gable. The school was well furnished with six long wooden desks for the pupils and a working desk for the teacher. The school also had a clock.
The first teacher was Margaret Connolly, aged twenty three. She came from Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. The register states that she had no training in the art of teaching, but was paid two shillings and eleven pence each week.
The teacher who succeeded Margaret Connolly, as far as it is known, was Rose or Kate McCluskey. She was from Scotstown.”

Set in the old 1874 schoolhouse, next to St. Tierney's Church, Roslea, it became home to the Roslea Heritage Centre some time, I think in the 1980s. It was run by locals, Oliver McCaffrey and Jimmy Callaghan and was a great resource for researchers of Roslea ancestors and history.

Above is a photo of the old school house taken in 1976 by the McCabe family of Derrylea and Drumshevera, while on a visit from Canada to see their ancestor's homelands.


Sadly, the Heritage Centre has been, for the most part, closed, due to lack of funding and not enough demand. Perhaps us Roslea researchers can change that in the future by visiting regularly.

Oliver McCaffrey has put a lot of time and energy into gathering information and stories from the locals and records, in order to preserve the history of Roslea for generations to come. Thanks to Oliver and jimmy, there are a number of books held at the Roslea Heritage Centre, with stories relating to many aspects of Roslea life, the history of St. Tierney's Church, among other things and with photos of local people, past and present, places, townlands and buildings. I have used items from the books, photos and information, along with personal photos I have, but there is so much more in the books and they are MUST HAVE items for any serious researcher. Anyone interested in the books should contact Jimmy Callaghan or Oliver McCaffrey at the Roslea Heritage Centre (address at the top). I would advise writing a letter may be better as getting through by phone might be a matter of hit or miss.

Books include....

Roslea Remembers - A name index can be downloaded from here

Roslea historical Journal volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4

There are a limited number of books available for purchase from the Roslea Heritage Centre. Anyone who is interested in getting hold of the books should contact Jimmy Callaghan or Oliver McCaffrey for more information. I really do recommend buying them.